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Warm Up Course

Warm Up Course

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Warm Up - Practise your skills Objectives
In the Warm-Up training, you practise how to respond correctly to critical scenarios as they may occur in everyday road traffic. Our Porsche Driving Consultants give you tips on how to identify potential hazards in advance and thus deal with them more efficiently – or, better still avoid them completely. Course Content
For instance, before you even switch on the engine, you learn to find your ideal seat and steering wheel position. You will also practise emergency stops, taking evasive action and correct vision control. Another section is devoted to the various electronic driving aids found in most modern cars, Porsche Driving Consultants explain how they work and how to use them correctly. They will also familiarise you with the basic laws of physics relating to driving and vehicle handling. Experience for yourself the difference between oversteer and understeer and how you can retain control in each situation and bring your vehicle back on track. You will learn how to skilfully react to load changes with precise corrections to the steering. On the Test Tracks, your Porsche Driving Consultant will demonstrate the optimum way to approach and tackle bends in normal road traffic as well as the ideal cornering technique. Training is not against the clock with a view to setting lap records. Instead it offers a safe environment for simulating situations you may face in everyday traffic. Of course, the fun side of driving is not forgotten either. Event Car: Own Porsche Breakfast and lunch, or lunch and afternoon tea, is included.
Participants must hold a valid, full driving licence and must be between 18 and 80 years of age. If you have any convictions on your licence please phone + 44 (0) 1327 855 911 before booking as restrictions may apply. Once voucher is confirmed by email please call the Porsche Experience Centre to book your preferred day.

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